Better Burger Tips

lamb burger

lamb burger

Want to take your Memorial Day barbecue up a notch? This recipe and these grilling techniques will serve you well all summer long. I often make lamb burgers for easy entertaining. They’re tasty, casual, fun and offer a little twist to a normal burger dinner.

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Better Burger Tips


Grilling Rules


When it comes to meat — I don’t mess around. Make three burgers out of each pound of ground meat.  It might seem like a lot, but the burgers do shrink while you cook ’em– unlike those Ballpark Franks…which plump — well, you know.


preparing burgers


My husband is king of the grill and this is how he cooks burgers so you still have a nice pink center. On your grill, turn two burners on high. Put the patty on one of the hot burners and sear it a few minutes. Flip the patty over to the other burner, immediately turn that burner off (the one that you flipped it to) and close the lid. Continue to cook for a few minutes with the lid closed. Leaving the first burner on allows the heat to sear the patty and keep the center pink.




Lamb Burgers

Makes 6 burgers

2 lbs ground lamb

Kosher salt and pepper to taste

Pita (one for each person)




Form lamb patties.


Salt and pepper the patties.


Cut top third off each pita and open it to create a pocket. Slide it in your toaster and toast. This makes the outside crunchy but the inside soft.


Prepare a plate of tomatoes, lettuce and avocado for toppings.


Spread each pita with mayonnaise and dijon. Place patties in grilled pita and stuff with toppings.


Serve with a Greek salad.