Chicken Coop Fantasies

modern chicken coop

I would love to have chickens and a great coop to go with them. But it’s a no go over here; my hubby puts his foot down where chickens are concerned. It was a two-year strategic campaign just to get our dog. I’m a sucker for fresh eggs and chicken manure—it’s magic for garden roses. But a girl can dream… is it scary that my fantasy items are chicken coops and Louboutins?

Here are some my of my favorite coop finds from the web.

Frederik Roije: The Fallingwater of coop design.

Breed retreat

Kippen House Coop:  I love the garden planter on top, but can we make it a little more chic and a little less Legoland?

Coop with vegetable garden on top









The Nogg:  This is totally the Pacific Northwest hipster wet dream of chicken coops.

modern chicken coop

The Fancy Farm Girl: I don’t think I want to be THIS intimate with my chickens. But it looks fun, I guess, until the smell sets in.

Close encounters with the coop

The Alexandria Chicken Coop: From the new Williams Sonoma Agrarian line — comes in red, too.

WS Agrarian coop

Candlelight in the chicken coop? I thought you didn’t want them to procreate?

Beautiful chicken coop

Thinking about kicking the chickens out and living in this one myself.

sunmaid raisin chicken coop

Omlet’s Eglu: Great for smaller yards, genius design.

Omlet chicken coop

Oh, Martha!

Martha's chicken coop

Needless to say, after this blog, eat-drink-garden will have a new Chicken Coop Pinterest board!