San Francisco Farmers Market

San Fran farmers market

San Fran farmers market

Yesterday, I woke up on the early side, laced up my running shoes and ventured on a walking tour of the city sans 4″ heels. My feet thanked me for that one. I grabbed a Peet’s coffee, which I cradled in my cold hands and zigzagged through awning lined blocks of Union Square. I ended up at the Ferry Building only to discover a wonderful farmers market. Just a few, but quality, stalls filled to the brim with unique, interesting and beautiful products.

The mini produce was so amazing! The farmer told me that they achieve these products by seeding close together and harvesting early. The result is not just smaller product packed with nutrition, but really tender vegetables that make for perfect snacking, and you know how I love that.

Now is the time to find green garlic, which is such a special early spring treat. Substitute it as you would any garlic for a sweeter, more umptious flavor. You can use the green and white parts. My favorite ways to use it are in a creamy dressing or with sauteed Ridgeback Shrimp.

SF farmers market

And you can’t go wrong with fresh doughnuts—repeat, you can’t go wrong with fresh doughnuts.