Oscar Party Tips

Invite your nearest and dearest friends to an intimate Oscars party at home. This is a night to keep it cozy and comfortable, so try and keep your guest list to how many people can sit comfortably in your family room, each with a spot to settle in and watch the show. You want to spend time with your friends, but also be able to actually watch (and hear) the show.

Just because you aren’t walking the red carpet, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in style! This is a perfect occasion to drink bubbly.  Small production Champagne or sparkling wine from France are my favorites.

A great menu for an Oscar party is a panini bar – offer an assortment of meats, cheeses, veggies and spreads and let your guests build and grill their own creations. A great compliment would be a big kale salad – kale is growing like crazy in my garden and it’s great for entertaining because it doesn’t wilt, meaning guests can nibble from red carpet to best actor.

The actual award telecast is great, but the real star of the night is the red carpet coverage. Set your DVR to record two different red carpet telecasts, that way you can switch back and forth during commercials and not miss a single dress or interview.

It’s fun to have everyone fill out ballots with their predictions of the winners, but it’s even more fun to give everyone a fashion scorecard at the start of the night and let them play fashion police! You can download and print out my custom fashion scorecards below.

Red Carpet Scorecard

Click below to download and print your own fashion score cards.

Eat Drink Garden Oscar Fashion Scorecard | 1.18MB Acrobat PDF


small productions Champagne