Morning After: Super Bowl Edition

Silver platter

Silver platter

I have a very, very, very happy husband this morning. Here’s a bit of a photo recap of the big game day at our house.

silver bowls and chips

The truck stop food kept arriving with the guests. I had my silver bowls ready to accept delivery.

Madonna was there – this photo wouldn’t be so blurry if she would just stop dancing (well, if you could call it dancing) around the room.

rose champagne and riedel champagne flutes

Champagne and crunchy Cheetos is a classic pairing. It’s also a great match for my Goat Gouda Dip.

football pool

Clearly, I needed to watch my own video about removing the wrinkles from your tablecloth. 

For dinner, we had a Korean inspired meal: ribs, slaw and cold noodles, and absolutely no photos. I served this during the fourth quarter of the game and the residents of the man cave would’ve come after me had I whipped out my camera. You’ll have to trust me, it was delicious. I’m thinking today might be the day to cash in on my husband’s good mood and ask for the chicken coop, trip to Paris and bathroom remodel I’ve been dreaming about.