Kick-Starting the New Year



I’m doing it, yes I am. I have to—my foggy brain, belly bloat and overall sluggish feeling demand it. I’m jumping on the “beginning-the-new-year-right bandwagon” in order to kick-start 2012 in the right direction.

Let’s face it, December was a shit storm of indulgences—mass quantities of cookies, cakes, candy, snacks, and less exercise than any other month yet. I confess that as our social calendar swirled I grew lax with my family, too; the kid meal (you know, chicken dinos/ baby carrot combo—which I normally detest offering to my little ones) was a regular occurrence, as was a steady stream of little treats and snacks and more snacks and more treats.

There are a great many cleanses and diets out there, but I already know what I have to do. For the remainder of January, I’m going to eat healthier, cleaner food and drink less alcohol and coffee. If you knew my sugar/ cocktail/ salt intake last month, you would probably agree that this is a wise move. I’m not looking forward to this first week as my body detoxes from all the crap and yearns for just one more See’s candy, but once I turn that corner, I know I’ll have a happier mind, a body filled with (I hope) more energy and clarity that will make me feel like me again. Plus, I’d like to say adios to the permanent button indention on my belly from those tight jeans.

January 1st was my final fatty food/ hair-of-the-dog day. Now, with a little planning and prep work, I begin my clean eating plan; we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be sure to share any new healthy recipes I create/discover along the way.

Here’s to will power in 2012 and courage in just one glass! Cheers (with my green juice)!