Break Open the Bubbly!



You know those rare moments when in your mind you conjure up a vision, and with a little skill and a little luck you are actually able to bring it to fruition? It’s why we love spending time in the kitchen, in the garden, entertaining friends. We love the process of taking an idea or a feeling and turning into something that will nourish, that will bring joy, that will share a little of who we are with those we love most.

I have been in the midst of a huge turning-my-vision-into-reality project for the past year. My dream was to take my blog and turn it into a beautiful, inspiring place for readers to settle in and stay awhile and gain the tools, recipes and inspiration needed to make every single day a life lived deliciously.

In this new space, I invite you to my table, my home, my messy kitchen, to share all the best of Santa Barbara’s relaxed yet elegant lifestyle with you. My passion remains for produce fresh from the garden, attractive (but never fussy) food, great wines and spirits, and bringing it all together to make it look, taste and feel incredible.


Photo: Erin Feinblatt

My mantra in the kitchen? Prepare tasty food with fresh, high-quality and seasonal ingredients. I approach cooking and entertaining with a sense of adventure, fun, and glass of wine in hand.

It’s as simple as this: if you cook wonderful food, seek out wonderful wine. Small production wines are a great place to start and there are many terrific, well-priced wines to be discovered.

There is nothing better than fresh-from-the-garden produce. The earth’s bounty yields food that is satisfying to both body and soul.

Celebrate life’s adventure by sharing it with guests. What could be better than sitting around a beautiful table with friends and family, eating, drinking, talking, and laughing? My entertaining style is distinctly Californian—casual but elegant, and always delicious.


Photo: Erin Feinblatt

This new site is full of fresh features, streamlined access to recipes (with a charming little recipe box of your very own), ideas for entertaining, and easier navigation for searching and commenting. It is a result of many, many hours of work, refinement and more work. One of the most exciting parts of this launch for me is that it means less time at the computer and more time in the kitchen and garden!

My hope is that when you join me here, it will bring you joy and nourishment and perhaps stir up a few new visions of your own.

Welcome to Eat Drink Garden with Valerie Rice.




Photo: Erin Feinblatt