Watermelon Radishes

Garden watermelon radishes

Garden radishes

These incredible watermelon radishes are a fun addition to any garden.  I plant them from seed year around and their beauty always astounds me. Somewhat plain on the outside, but with a single slice, a sneak peak is revealed of shockingly beautiful and brilliant color inside.

renee's garden watermelon radish seed packet

I prefer to slice them thin with a mandoline to best show off their glory.  These special radishes elevate any platter of veggies to gorgeous and are delicious dipped in your favorite concoction. I often use my Green Goddess Dressing or Gorgonzola Dressing.

summer harvest basket

Watermelon radishes are a bit spicy, so another favorite way to serve them is sliced on a platter and smeared with great butter (Oh, Nelly!) and a sprinkle of chunky sea salt—that’s what we call perfection around here.

Garden watermelon radishes

Don’t forget that you can cook radishes, too.  In the fall, I will quarter and boil them in salted water for about 8-10 minutes. Then, just toss them with some melted butter or olive oil and fresh herbs to create a tasty, easy side dish with a great punch of color.