Pretty Petals

I’m sort of picky when it comes to flowers. Good floral design elevates a vessel and blooms into art—giving an arrangement a unique sense of style, creativity and emotional impact. We celebrated a few special occasions this past month, which means we’ve had the treat of multiple floral arrangements being delivered to our door.

Santa Barbara is blessed with talented floral stylists (don’t you hate the word florists?) all over town; this picky recipient was blown away and totally impressed by the variety, beauty and talent in these arrangements. Take a look and be inspired!

Designer Kerstin Horneman of Blue Magnolia is a friend of mine.  In this gorgeous arrangement, which is one of my all-time favorites, she used banana leaves of this side…

… and then bamboo here

And this is the stunning side view.  Gorgeous.

This arrangement from S.R. Hogue was a gift from my hair stylist, Reny Salamon of Rennasants Salon.  Maybe this signifies that I spend a little too much time on my hair?

One of my “besties” sent me these structured stunners from designer Diana Dolan of Porch.

Mom and Dad sent me these from Gazebo. I adore everything about this arrangement. It’s understated, yet so beautiful and interesting.  I love the mix of flowers, a perfect variety of color and texture. As the days went by the flowers opened and changed and after the flowers were gone I had this amazing green vase.

Beauty is in the details.

These gifted creamy orchids from Grandfolia are so magnificent in my living room.

And I saved the best for last…

These were picked from the garden and proudly arranged by my girls.