Salted Plum Cocktail

The purchase of a container of juicy farmers market plums coincided with the re-discovery of a wrinkled recipe torn from the pages of InStyle Magazine months ago.  The result was a delicious, refreshing summer cocktail on an ordinary Tuesday.  So good!

Salted Plum Cocktail

Salted Plum

Adapted from David Myers’s tear sheet in InStyle Magazine

1 Red plum or pluot, pitted and sliced (reserve one slice)

1 Ounce Valerie’s Simple Syrup

1 Ounce fresh squeeze lime juice

2 Ounces vodka

Splash of Sparkling water

Cocktail salt (regular salt spread out on small plate works as well)


Prep your glass by slicing the lime and coating the rim of your glass with juice. Then, dip the rim in cocktail salt and fill the glass with ice.


Place the plum slices in a cocktail shaker and muddle or smash with a wooden spoon.  Add lime juice, syrup, and vodka (a mini measuring cup works great for this). Shake with half a cup of ice.


Strain your shaken ingredients into the prepped glass and top with sparkling water. Garnish with the reserved plum slice and serve.


Note: I made these without the vodka for the girls and they loved it!  Their review was “better than a Shirly Temple.” That’s pretty darn good.