Budget-Friendly (and Delicious) Wines

Here at EDG, Wednesdays are for drinking. We (and by “we” I mean my wine-loving husband, our good friends, and I) are willing to work hard and sacrifice to bring you the best. Through long nights of  rigorous, serious tasting and testing, we’ve discovered our favorite wines are  both “delicious” (that’s a technical term) and can be found at a great price. Did you know that the majority of wines featured on this site retail for around $20?

We work (and drink) to demystify the wine world a little—to show you that drinking divine vino doesn’t have to break our battered bank accounts.

Reporting from the tasting trenches, here are a few finds we labored to discover:


2009 Bardolino “Le Fontane” from Corte Gardoni: This is a delightful Italian red wine blend from the Veneto region. For $11.99 a bottle at K&L, it has a price that can’t be beat. This is our go-to “pizza wine.”  The flavor is fruity with a hint of black pepper. This wine is incredibly quaffable and goes amazingly well with tomato sauce.




GB Burlotto Elatis Vino da Tavola Rosa: This Italian rosato from the Nebiolo grape is a gorgeously saturated peachy-pink color.  But most important, this wine tastes great, goes beautifully with summer fare, and it’s cheap!  You can find it for $11-$14 bucks a bottle. Salut!



Santorini Sigalas 2010: A dry white wine that is fresh, bright, and at roughly $20 a bottle, is just about the most perfect thing for sipping (or chugging). Hello delectable! Where have you been all our life?  You can order it from K&L or beg for it at your local wine shop.

2009 Sauvignon Blanc Matua Paretai: In our house, we love  sauvignon blancs from Marlborough, New Zealand. Known as a “fine chugging wines” or “picnic wines,” they taste bright and fresh with great acidity and fruitiness. The ones we drink have a screw cap, so they last a little longer in the refrigerator without losing too much of their flavor. This household stand-by can be found online at Woodland Hills Wine Company for $17.95 a bottle.