A Day at the Saratoga Race Course

Last week, we took an end of summer trip to upstate New York. My husband grew up in the area, so we visit once or twice a year. One of my favorite things to do in that neck of the woods is spend a day at the famed Saratoga Race Course.  This trip, our day was spent taking in the glory of the area with friends from all over the country.  We munched on a fresh batch of potato chips (did you know the potato chip was invented in Saratoga Springs in 1853? A perfect excuse for the greasy treat, if you ask me), hit the jackpot with winning a trifecta ticket, and  had a total blast.

Here’s the entrance.  That trash can really flows with the decor, don’t you think?

Entrance of Saratoga Race CourseLove that folks dress so beautifully for the races!

We won big after our visit to the Paddock.

Gotta stay hydrated with, none other than Saratoga Spring Water

and nourished too!

Here’s a potato chip recipe to feed your craving (try it with thyme instead of rosemary).

The winning ticket!

Our group topped off a great day by winning the trifecta in the last race. You can imagine the celebration!