Tuesday Tool: Mason Jars

Mason jars. I love them.  This year, when my younger daughter turned five, I was finally able to purge our cupboards of all plastic (including plastic sippy cups) for good. Halleluiah! My new and improved non-plastic solution for my daughter’s small hands is durable Mason jar. These jars, used for canning in “real life,” are cute, casual and strong. Really, they practically bounce when they’re dropped (which I totally learned from the kids).  Ok, fine, I confess. The dropping incident was all me…

Maybe I can blame it on the spiked lemonade?

Here is how I store my canning ingredients.  I am at capacity in my kitchen, so this overflow goes in the garage (sorry husband).

casual outdoor entertaining

Mason Jars also make fabulous vases for casual flower arrangements

on the fly.

use of mason jars

You can always find herbs in mason jars on my kitchen counter as well.

measuring ingredients with mason jars

Here I used jars for measuring ingredients for Fava Bean Pasta Salad

To sum it up, a Mason jar can act as a drinking glass, a measuring cup, a vase, a candleholder, and, (oh yeah) its intended purpose: a food container. They’re easy to find, and you can get pallets of them at the grocery store for cheap. What a tool! 😉