Tuesday Tool: Garden/Flower Arranging Tote

You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!  -George Costanza

A purple fabric craft-tote I originally bought for my girls has been repurposed as my flower-arranging/table set up tote.  I love its form, weight and compartments. It satisfies all my flower arranging needs, and it’s the perfect for keeping everything handy and ready to grab on the go. I recently took it with me when I did an event in Malibu, but it’s great for around the house when I want to just plop myself down in the garden and get to work.

Thank you to my hand and leg model, Sara.  She puts George Costanza to shame.

Since most garden bags are huge, the size of this one works perfectly for me (you know, just shy of average in platforms and big hair), and it fits more than I could have ever imagined.  Here are the 25 things you can usually find stuffed in my garden tiny tote:

1.   Aquapics/ Aquatubes

2.   Felco 2’s

3.   Felco rose pruners

4.    22 and 26 gauge wire

5.    Wire cutters

6.    Garden twine

7.    Small bag of moss

8.   Floral tape – clear and moss green

9.    Knife

10.  Scissors

11.  Pad of paper and pen – for those to-do lists that pop up in my head

12.  Sunblock/ hand lotion

13.  Gloves

14.  Tape measure

15.  Small squirt bottle of water

16.  Crystal Clear flower food

17.  Rubber bands

18.  Sunglasses

19.  iPhone

20.  Garden gloves

21.  Clean rag

22.  Plastic grocery bag folded up to use for cuttings

23.  Band-Aids and Neosporin – what can I say, I’m a klutz.

24.  Wet Ones wipes

25.  Tissues — It’s the mom in me to be prepared for runny noses – even mine.