Summer Wine

Are you drinking Rosé this summer? In my mind, Rosé is the classic summer wine. Every year, I go down my mental list: new bikini (check), espadrilles (check), sunblock (check), white sun dress (check) rosé (check). It’s summertime!

In our house, Rosé gets dubbed “picnic wine” because it’s easy to drink and goes with just about any food.  There’s no need to worry about wine progression, pairing white with the starter, red with the entrée, swap that, reverse, etc. etc.  Rosé is light and easy with enough heft to hold up to most summertime food.  I mean, who doesn’t smile (even a little) at the thought of pink wine?

Right now, our rosé of choice is actually an Italian table “Rosato” from Piedmont: GB Burlotto Elatis Vino da Tavola Rosa. Do you care to get your wine geek on?  Sotheby’s World Wine Encyclopedia states that most rosés are made just like red wine except the producers limit the duration of skin contact to produce the desired color.  Some rosés are just a slight blush pink, while others are pretty darn red. This rosato from the Nebiolo grape is a gorgeously saturated peachy pink color.  But most importantly,  this wine tastes great, goes beautifully with summer fare, and it’s cheap!  Actually, I was just teaching the girls the appropriate usage for the words cheap and inexpensive, so let me rephrase…  This rosé wine tastes great, goes beautifully with summer fare and is inexpensive!  $11-$14 bucks is a great price for such a good, versatile wine, in my humble opinion.  Salut!