Tuesday Tool: Moroccan Tagine

The Moroccan Tagine is the perfect tool to have in your armory for entertaining. Moroccan food is fun, tasty, and easy to make–especially when you use a tagine. I mean, who doesn’t love the drama of coming to the table, arms laden with a huge cooking vessel full of tasty and fragrant fare? If that doesn’t set the stage for a fun night of dining, nothing will.

After our class with Peggy Markel, I couldn’t wait to put my preparation into practice and host my first Moroccan dinner party. Each element had to be perfect. Was it a dash of spice, or a teaspoon?  What was the temperature of the stove? How long should I let it sit? How often should I stir? Why did these recipes feel different from how we learned it in class? Frustration mounted, and eventually, I ended up calling Peggy for more detailed instruction. Her reply? Just relax and enjoy the process – there is no wrong way.

And it’s true! Using a tagine is so easy.  Just layer in your ingredients, set it over a medium flame, affix the top, and pour yourself something fine to drink. The food cooks amazingly well without getting dried out, and you can spice it up a lot or a little depending on your mood. Basically, this is just an incredibly forgiving way to cook that will give you the most mind-blowingly flavorful and tender stews and sauces you have ever tasted.

“How could it not be breezy? You’re in such a breezy place.” – Friends

You can find a fairly inexpensive, good-quality Tagine at Sur la Table. Buy the biggest one you can find. Don’t bother buying a small one because it’s such a good tool for entertaining a crowd and the leftovers are so good. For more information, here is an Q&A I did with Peggy where she talks about her favorite kind of Tagine. Now go enjoy your Moroccan feast!