Green Juice

Let me just get this out into the open: I am having a love affair with my garden. Planting and cultivating makes me giddy from my painted tippy toes to my dry split ends (time for a Moroccan Oil conditioning treatment).  It’s my passion to be out in the yard tending, digging, harvesting, and composting. Super sexy, huh?

That said, I’m not one of those diet-conscious, health-nut, omega-seeking greenies. I’m not a vegan, or even a vegetarian. I am never opposed to a juicy burger or a tureen of pâté. The truth is, I just really frickin’ love food, and my first motivation to grow a garden was completely palate driven. It’s a simple fact that when properly cared for, homegrown fruits and veggies just taste so darn delicious. Maybe they taste better because I am so smitten with this give and take relationship? Maybe it’s the romantic notion of having a garden—who doesn’t need a little romance? Whatever it is, I know I’m the happiest when I’m getting down and dirty in my garden, and then ravaging its bounty (yeah, I just said that).

The thing is, I really don’t like to stress out about what’s “good food” or “bad food.” My philosophy is that as long as you have balance, you won’t fall off the beam. I’m all for enjoying life, which means enjoying good food. This Green Juice came about because I like the way raw veggies make me feel, and when I have it in the morning, I feel like I’ve gotten my daily allowance and everything else is just a bonus for my body. So yes, while this juice is “healthy,” it’s also something quick and easy to make that uses what’s in the garden and perks me up for hours. If you’re anything like me, it will fast become one of your favorite snacks.

Green Juice

Green Juice

I got the idea from an incredible Napa Valley wine maker who told me his wife makes her own version of green juice every morning. I came home, gave it a try, and was hooked.


2 handfuls of garden greens (any mixture of kale, chard, spinach)

1/2 cucumber

2 mint leaves

1 peach

Juice of 1/2 lime

1/2 cup of ice

A splash of water


Combine all the ingredients in a blender. You can use any type of blender, but I think the Vitamix works best.  Blend until smooth.


Note: Because I froze a bunch of peaches after our harvest last week, I’ve been using my frozen peaches and leaving out the ice.  Enjoy!