Tuesday Tools: Felco Shears

{Felco 2’s and Felco Rose Pruners}

Felco 2 Shears: These are a fantastic all around shear for the garden.  They are sharp and strong and I love the feeling of them in my hand.  To me, garden shears are like kitchen knives in that they should be comfortable to grip and the right weight.  I’m not going to lie, part of what makes these shears so appealing (aside from their durability and craftsmanship) is Felco’s bright, cherry red handles. It’s like having a pair of fabulous shoes for your gardening bag (hey, I take all the glamour I can get in my garden supplies). On a practical note, the bright handle makes them easy to find in a loaded tote.

{My favorite red bottomed shoes}

Rose Pruners: Years ago while on a tour at Rose Story Farm, Dani Hahn recommended this pruner to our group.  Despite the slight sticker shock, I bought a pair and 8 years later they are still going strong (in spite of my lack of sharpening and cleaning).  I use these babies every time I’m in the rose garden.  The great thing about them is they actually hold the rose stem in place so you don’t have to touch the prickly thorns.

You can find Felco products at their online store