Tuesday Tool: Family First Aid Kit

Before you head out for 4th of July parades, BBQs and fireworks, make sure to (as the girl scouts say) be prepared! In my mind, a family first aid kit is important to have year-round, but it’s especially indispensable in the summertime. This particular kit, the Medibag by me4kidz, is great because it comes pre-packed with all kinds of supplies with everything is easily organized for you.  No joke, I’ve outfitted all of our cars with one and I have a couple floating around the house as well.

Though the kit is loaded up with at least one of everything you could possibly need for minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises, I added a little something extra to mine: sunscreen! Here in sunny Santa Barbara, you can’t have enough of the stuff. I have a little bottle of SPF 30 that fits perfectly in one of the kit’s compartments and another bottle of SPF 50 for the face. Having this kit ready to go has saved me so many times, most recently when I went from our cold, foggy coast to the sunny inland valley to go blueberry picking with the girls. So be safe, and have a fun, fabulous summer!

To find out where to buy a Medibag in your area, check out the me4kidz website.