Potted Centerpieces

What do you do when you have two hours to put together a table full of centerpieces and find gifts for your guests?  Arugula, Chandler Strawberries, and Onion Bulbs in pots, of course!

I found these beautiful Italian gray terracotta containers at Island View Nursery with the help of the knowledgeable, talented, and patient Katie Sorensen.

On this gorgeous, copper table at the nursery (remember, I literally only had two hours to get this done) we filled the pots with Katie’s favorite potting soil, and the one I use at home, too.  This stuff is the best—it’s organic and rich with nutrients.

Then, we potted the Arugula, Chandler strawberries, and Onion Bulbs to make interesting height variations for the table.

We topped the pots with Orchid Bark.  This bark is finer than most, and is a really pretty finishing layer of soil for potted plants. The brown bark was a nice contrast to the bright colored plants and grey pots.

We watered each plant with a water bottle, and voila — I had my gift and centerpiece all in one!

I love the idea of doing a sustainable centerpiece that is both aesthetically pleasing and edible. Hopefully, these plants will give our guests delicious herbs, fruits, and veggies for a long time.