Victoria Beer

I can’t believe how perfect the weather has been—sunny, hot, and fog-free!  I know I should not even mention it (the weather Gods might revolt), but yesterday was one of those absolutely incredible family days in the sun (please don’t tell my Dermatologist—he would crucify me). We swam and played in the pool until we turned completely pruned.  We grilled hot dogs topped with sauerkraut and the girls devoured juicy pineapple while the hubby and I washed it all down with cold, frothy beer. We loafed around and just spent time together. Days like these, I like to put away my camera and just take mental snapshots to remember the moments for my internal photo album.

Speaking of beer, this Pacifico drinking California Girl has found a new favorite. Cerveza Victoria used to only be available in Mexico, but this perfect all-around beer now has a permanent spot in our fridge. It makes a great Cinco de Mayo substitute to the typical Corona with lime, and you can get it at quite a few supermarkets and corner-stores in the area. For a map of where you can buy Victoria in your neighborhood, check out their Facebook page. Salud!