Flower Arranging from the Garden

Flower garden update: my dahlia bulbs have not quite not come up yet this year and most of my roses are between blooms, but I have other flowers in my cutting garden that are simply gorgeous. A mixture of the newly blooming ‘Goliath’ hydrangeas and chocolate cosmos, Lavender Scabiosas, Viburnum and Golden Alstroemeria create a contrast of beauty, shape and color.  Here are some ways I have been working my garden flowers into home and gift arrangements.

I’ve been loving the way my pytosporum hedges and succulents have been flowering lately.  Their lovely buds have been making an appearance in my arrangements to give a the soft texture of buds while using seasonal, local plants.

I have been drawing flower inspiration from the romantic lace look that has been highly present in fashion this season:

Photo from Dolce and Gabbana from

Lacey flowers from my pytosporum hedges

This Lavendar Scabiosa bouquet is a new technique I’ve been using lately. Leaving the stems exposed makes for a clean and modern look, while the ribbon adds some charm.  I also like to use a wine glass or an odd drinking glass for a vase:

Pink hydrangeas and chocolate cosmos are a cute, somewhat unexpected color combination.

And what could be more fitting than chocolate cosmos on a chocolate cake?

So, what’s blooming in your area right now?  Do you like to cut flowers from your garden or just enjoy them au natural outside?  What seasonal things inspire you?