Supermarket Bouquets

My two daughters were just in a local production of Sound of Music as Liesl and Gretl, respectively. In case you’re wondering how a 7-year-old could play a 16, going on 17-year-old, there was no roving Rolf to worry about in this version.  Instead, my two girls sang the famous song together, complete Gretl scolding Leisl for growing up too fast. It was totally adorable and age appropriate (crisis averted!).

I was so focused on getting the girls ready for the show that about an hour before the curtain went up, I realized I had completely forgotten to get my two little leading ladies flowers. After a mad dash to our local Vons, I came home with some orange roses, peach roses, and lilac – can you believe they had Lilac at Vons?

With the countdown to curtain looming, I bunched the orange, peach, and violet together, tied the bouquets with ribbon I had saved from an old present (reduce, reuse, recycle – go Earth Day/Week!), and held the ends together with pushpins from my sewing basket that I clipped with pliers so the edges didn’t poke through and wound the budding actresses’ hands.

The girls loved them, and it felt great to give them a special little gift after their show.  Sometimes, I get so absorbed in finding the best flowers, or the most unique, or most local, that I forget that it’s often the simple act of giving that makes a bouquet special.  These supermarket arrangements were inexpensive, easy to put together, and most importantly, appreciated by the people I care about the most.  What more can you ask for?