New Garden Roses

My Winter Rose Garden

I would be lying if I said that having my rose garden has been all sunshine and…well…roses. The truth is, it’s been one long experiment, complete with much (much) trial and error. You see, I inherited my rose garden when we bought our house, and so I had no say in what was originally planted.

I had the misguided notion that these old roses bushes were special simply because they were old, so I kept them in place and worked a box hedge around them (see above photo).  Long story short, I was wrong. An old, ugly non-blooming rose bush has no place in my garden. Roses take too much time and energy to cultivate for these guys not to bear beautiful buds. So…I am bidding adieu to the old, and bringing in the new. A spring planting allows me to pick the roses I like the best, and I love to comb the availability lists from all the growers I can find. In nearly every instance, Hybrid Teas win my heart. Not only are they beautiful and great for arranging, I also love their fabulous names! Hopefully the ones I selected will grow well in my sometimes-foggy microclimate. Keep your fingers crossed!

Roses I am adding to my garden:

I like to add in two or more of each rose variety so I can use the cut flowers in arrangements and still have garden blooms as well.  If I had more room, I would add in multiples of six or more, but…this will have to do for now.

Crown Princess Margareta

David Austen Roses

Liv Tyler

This is newly renamed. Photo: Courtesy of my lovely, rosarian friend, Eileen. She tells me the name used to be Comtesse de Provence.

Glamis Castle or Windmere

Glamis Castle from David Austin

Pink Traviata

Classic woman

Dark Lady

I already have one of these in my garden but am planting another so I can make larger arrangements.

Ideas for Next Season:


Souvenir de la Malmaison

Lady of Megginch

L.D. Braithwaite

Web resources:

Regan Nursery: Huge online resource for roses with great photos of each varietal

Otto and Sons: Wonderful nursery and where I am buying my roses this year.

David Austin Roses: Incredible resource for garden roses

Rose Story Farm: Our local rose experts