Tools for Tuesday: The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I like my morning coffee, and I like it black. I drift off to dreamland with a smile because I can look forward to waking up with my hot, rich, strong…cup of coffee (What were you thinking?). It is truly a morning ritual: Cradle both hands around the warm cup, pause to inhale the aromatic steam, then sip.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might begin to notice that I’m pretty obsessed with seeking out simple, high-quality ingredients with the best flavors. Coffee is no exception. I say, live life deliciously!

The Equipment:

Technivorm Moccamaster Polished Silver Coffee Maker 1.25 Litre. (You can buy it on Amazon here — What can’t you buy on Amazon?)

We discovered this coffee maker about 10 years ago. It functions more like a percolator, and looks kind of prehistoric, but damn, it brews good coffee. It has an airtight thermos that keeps the coffee hot, which is always a bonus, and the filter and the coffee can go right into my compost bucket.

Note: The nitrogen from the coffee actually works as a great fertilizer for your garden and the filters brake down super quickly. It is the same for tea bags, in case you were wondering.

The Ingredients:

The coffee: Peet’s Coffee (French Roast) bought at Peet’s where they grind it at the store. The Peet’s pre-ground beans that I sometimes buy at the grocery store don’t seem to have the same flavor or fragrance. Typically, I will make a special trip to their downtown shop on State Street. The post-purchase smell is reason enough to take this detour. On the drive home the grind’s potent scent fills the entire car and somehow seems to stimulate every cell in my body. Now that’s coffee!

One heaping cup of grounds to go into our 10-cup coffee maker fitted with a cone shaped drip. I don’t bother with tablespoons, just one huge scoop. I know this seems like a lot, but trust me, it is good good.

The water: I always use filtered, room temperature water. Coffee is basically just flavored water, so in my mind, this ingredient is equally as important as the beans.

The drinking vessel: I have white Italian ceramic mugs that fit perfectly in my hand.  They are so pretty, yet casual. Occasionally, I prefer to enjoy my coffee in fine china. It is a fun, everyday luxury kind of a treat. Making any ordinary day special?  Why not?