Big Time Burger

gourmet cheese burger

gourmet cheese burger

This year, we celebrated Dad a tad early. The girls and I are heading to Hawaii for a week, so we decided to show our favorite guy some love in a manner befitting a man — a most insanely, tasty burger. Nothing says I love you like a fat juicy burger… unless, of course, you are a vegetarian and then it pretty much says — I hate you.

But under this roof, we are meat eaters. Actually, we are everything eaters. I am thrilled to try any morsel of deliciousness, whether it be from the health food store, farm stand, or the butcher shop. Today, we are talking “butcher shop.” Normally I gravitate toward veggies in this blog, but the meat is what makes this burger special. It is so spectacular, in fact, you might consider it for your dad, too. It’s the burger builder from Bryan’s Fine Food.

Offering menus for the ultimate carnivore, Bryan’s Fine Food allows you to select your own meat recipe. This is no mystery meat. It is a fantastic offering of the tastiest choice ingredients available and they mix them for you. Your base of meat can be anything from prime chuck to choice short ribs. Then you mix in your add-ons, like sausage or brisket. Then, as the final over-the-top flavor step, you blend in more flavor with offerings like apple wood bacon, foie gras, or prime beef rib cap fat!

This certainly is a specialty burger and not your typical weeknight order. Forgo another boring tie, because Bryan’s delivers this meaty splendor right to your door, complete with dad’s name and recipe on the packaging. Tie a ribbon around that, and you are talking one happy Daddy!

If you really want to make it a special occasion, just hand your honey the remote, tie on a sassy apron, pop open a bottle of Burgundy and discover your inner grilling girl. To get you started, here are my tried and true burger grilling tips:

– When forming the burgers, handle them as little as possible. (No man-handling!)

– Salt the burgers right before you put them on the grill. If you salt them too early it will draw the moisture out of the meat.

– Get your grill cooking on high heat for a great medium rare burger … this sears the outside and leaves the inside pink.

– Don’t push the meat down with your spatula when it’s on the grill — that just pushes all the juicy goodness out of the meat onto the fire below.