Beautiful Ranunculus

I braved the stormy weather a week ago Friday for my weekly trek to the farmers market.  God bless the farmers who weathered the rain and the stylist who made rubber boots chic!  I was on the hunt for the perfect flowers for my Saturday night dinner party.

I knew I wanted something casual, non-stinky (flowers that smell are not a good match for a dinner table bouquet) and simply lovely. I spotted Ranunculus and was filled with glee- a perfect match. Ranunculus are currently in season and so beautiful, I often think of them as the winter sister of the rose. They bloom in a variety of gorgeous colors from (canary yellow to deep crimson). A divine bargain at three dollars a bunch, I grabbed 10 burnt orange bushels and headed home.

I rummaged through my very neatly organized flower vase shelves in my garage (check my recent blog post on starting the new year with your home clean and organized) to find the right container to make the arrangement be an uncomplicated showstopper.   I decided on a rectangular (14×4) copper pot for this arrangement and in no time I had a truly special and effortless bouquet.

I simply trimmed the stems, making the flowers about 8 to 10 inches long and stuffed them in the container filled with water from my outdoor flower sink.  I have a reverse osmosis water system in the house, so I always make sure to use water from the outside so the flowers last longer in the vase.  Ranunculus will last about a week.  Gorgeous! The arrangement was worth my wet car interior and frizzy hair.  Oh, the meal was pretty good, too.