New Year’s Eve Menu and Blood Orange Martinis


In an effort to keep things casual (and my desire not to spend the entire night in the kitchen), I am creating a menu that will allow our friends to simply graze throughout the evening. I’ll start with simple appetizers of radish halves smeared with Devonshire cream butter and sprinkled with grey salt; cured meats; and hard-boiled eggs topped with homemade aioli. Next will be a Romaine wedge salad with gorgonzola dressing; creamy potato salad; fried chicken and Andouille gumbo; and buttermilk biscuits. Lemon meringue pie will be served late night.

[The gumbo, potato salad and pie come directly from Donald Link’s Cookbook “Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link’s Louisiana”]

Citrus in Santa Barbara is unbelievably delicious. I am crazy about—and covet—blood oranges and anxiously await the winter months so I can devour them. Blood oranges are a cross between a navel orange and a tangerine with their distinctive feature being the dark color flesh. I picked these oranges up at Tri Country Produce today and since they are in season, they were reasonably priced.

We will be drinking plenty of champagne tomorrow,  so I thought it would be nice to start off the evening with Blood Orange Martinis.

New Year’s Eve Menu and Blood Orange Martinis

Blood Orange Martini


Juice of four blood oranges

Juice of two tangerines

1 tablespoon of Agave nectar


Grab your favorite vodka, fill a shaker with ice, add the juice and SHAKE!!

Garnish with candied blood orange peels.